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The clipboard as it should be

Paste is a new way to keep, search, and organize everything you copy on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

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Unobtrusive design that blends into your workflow


Unlimited clipboard history

Unlimited Clipboard

Find anything you copied on any device


Quickly access what you need frequently

Collect and organize

Powerful features to boost your productivity

Paste in many ways

Many ways to Paste

Paste multiple items in the order you choose. Keep the original formatting or switch to plain text.

Application rules

Custom rules

Choose what to keep and what to exclude. Specify rules for apps with sensitive data like passwords.

Preview and edit

Preview your links, images, and files. Edit your copied text without leaving Paste.

Preview and editPreview and editPreview and edit
Siri Shortcuts

Hey, Siri

Automate more routine work by combining Paste with Siri Shortcuts.

Paste iOS Keyboard

iOS Keyboard

For easy access when you type, use Paste Keyboard on your iPhone and iPad.

A better clipboard for everyone

Whether you do it for work or just for fun, do it faster with Paste.
Paste for Pros


Copy something from Stack Overflow and then copy something else without overwriting the first thing. With Paste, all your code snippets are saved and neatly organized.


Any great artist keeps their palette nearby. Paste lets you quickly and consistently retrieve colors, icons, styles, and other assets whenever you need them.

Content and marketing

Never lose a chunk of text that you forgot to paste back. Save creative taglines, SEO keywords, and anything else that helps your process. Say more with Paste.

Sales and support

Do more with what you′ve already done. Store email templates and canned replies, quickly accessing your most-used messages with a keyboard shortcut.

People everywhere love Paste

Alexander Akers

Alexander Akers

Senior iOS Engineer

I get worried when I use a computer without @paste_app. What if there′s something important on the clipboard? It′s like how you can “hold” a piece in Tetris but you have to remember what it is.

João Cunha

João Cunha

Senior Product Manager

Few things have had as much impact on my Mac workflow as @paste_app. It may look irrelevant, but think of how many times you copy/paste things over the course of a day — Paste makes this process a gazillion times better.

Jonathan Z. White

Jonathan Z. White

Designer & Developer

I′ve been using an app called @paste_app and it′s almost hilarious how much of a work flow improvement it is.

Chris Messina

Chris Messina

Hashtag Inventor

This is a must-have Mac app for me. I use it dozens if not hundreds of times a day. So useful!

Kristen Wright

Kristen Wright

Day One Journal

Finally bought @paste_app and I’m really digging it. Great for code snippets, hex colors & links you frequently use.

Diego Freniche Brito

Diego Freniche Brito

Developer Advocate

Using a clipboard manager has become second nature for me (and a necessity as developer). Have tried a bunch. @paste_app is the best by far. Instabuy.

If you program and aren′t using one of these, you′re wasting time... Your time.

Sammy Schuckert

Sammy Schuckert

UX designer

I′m a heavy @paste_app user for 3 years. Paste is core to my everyday workflows. Even while writing this tweet I′m using it. It provides me with superpowers and makes me crazy efficient. Every time someone sees me using it they go like, “Oh hey, what was that? I want that!”

Matthias Feit

Matthias Feit

Musician, UX Designer, Dad

Thanks to @paste_app, I was able to cut the time I would have spent on copying and pasting today by about 75%.

Simon Sturmer

Simon Sturmer

Software Engineer

@paste_app is my new favorite Mac App! I don′t know how I went so long without it!

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