We’re a small team of developers and designers, based in Denmark and across the world, who live to make things that work simply, efficiently, and beautifully.

Naturally, we’ve been Mac fans for a long time. We’ve always appreciated how Macs, iPhones, and iPads are so incredibly well-designed and intuitive to use.

A few years ago, we decided to challenge ourselves to see if we could build an app that looked and felt like it was a natural part of the Mac operating system. As if it came standard on every Mac, iPhone, and iPad right out of the box to help people save time with their everyday tasks.  It was more of an experiment than anything else, but when we launched Paste in 2015, the response was overwhelming.

Paste landed as #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt, got featured by Apple as an Invaluable Utility, and received multiple awards in many other categories. It was quickly downloaded by hundreds of thousands of people, and the fantastic feedback we received motivated us to keep improving the app.

Today, Paste is the world’s favorite productivity tool for Mac and iOS devices. It helps designers, developers, writers, lawyers, support specialists, and everyone else work better, faster, and smarter every day.

And every day, we continue to fine-tune Paste so that it works as simply, beautifully, and seamlessly as possible. Because after all, that’s what we live to do.