Paste 2.5 is here and ready for Catalina

Paste 2.5 is here and ready for Catalina

After a few months of intensive work, we’re thrilled to launch Paste 2.5, a major under-the-hood update for macOS Catalina.

Together with tons of internal improvements, migrating to Swift 5.1, and better dark mode support, Paste 2.5 brings two useful features our users asked for:

– For those who prefer using a mouse or touchpad, Paste gets one click closer: a single click on the status item in the main menu bar activates Paste, while a right-click brings the good-old menu;

– For the keyboard shortcuts fans, a sequential Shift+Cmd+V (or your own activation shortcut) from now on will navigate you through your pinboards instead of hiding Paste.

There is also great news for Setapp users – no need to install Paste Helper to get the Direct Paste to work, it’s now available out of the box!

Paste 2.5 is already available on Setapp and the Mac App Store.

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