Paste with Shortcuts for macOS Monterey

Paste with Shortcuts for macOS Monterey

Meet Paste 3.1 for Mac, your new superpower to speed everything up.

With macOS Monterey Apple brought the Shortcuts app to Mac and we’re so excited to make Paste’s shortcuts available on all platforms too!

The Shortcuts app is a quick way to get one or more tasks done with your apps. It lets you create your own automated workflows with multiple steps, like “get the latest link you saved to your clipboard history or a pinboard and email it to your friend in one click”, which is just a simple example of what you can build with Paste and Shortcuts.

With support for Shortcuts, the 3.1 update has got a massive performance boost and lots of under-the-hood optimizations to take advantage of the latest Apple M1 chips.

There are just a few shortcuts that Paste supports at the moment, and we’re so looking forward to hearing how you’re using them in your work. Please share your feedback with us on Twitter!

Download Paste to access and organize your clipboard history across all your devices. Also available on Setapp.