Can't paste to other apps

Direct Paste requires access to the accessibility features on your Mac. Sometimes (e.g., after operating system updates), it might get broken, and you need to grant the access manually.

If the Direct Paste doesn't work properly, try to follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure that Direct Paste is enabled in Preferences -> General.
  2. Go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Accessibility and ensure that Paste is enabled in the list.

Enable Direct Paste

If everything looks good, but the Direct Paste still doesn't work, try to perform the following steps:

  • Remove Paste from the list in System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Accessibility by selecting it and pressing the "minus" button.
  • Restart your Mac.
  • If it still doesn't work, download and install Paste Helper and grant the accessibility permission to Paste Helper instead of Paste.