Paste directly to other applications

In order to paste clipboard history and pinboard items directly to other applications and use Paste Stack, Paste needs access to system shortcuts using accessibility features of the macOS.

How to enable system integration?

You can grant Paste access to accessibility features in System Preferences:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Navigate to Security & Privacy
  3. Switch to the Privacy tab
  4. Find and select Accessibility in the sidebar
  5. Unlock the changes by clicking the lock icon at the bottom left corner of the window (you will be asked to enter your password)
  6. Enable Paste in the list by ticking the checkbox

Enable Direct Paste

It says that Paste will control my computer, what does this mean?

Accessibility features allow apps to perform multiple user actions  (eg, button clicks) programmatically. If you grant Paste access to use accessibility features it will not control your computer. The only action it will perform is sending the following system shortcuts to a frontmost application:

  1. ⌘ CmdV for Direct Paste to paste current clipboard contents to the active application
  2. ⌘ CmdC for Paste Stack to copy selected data to the clipboard

What happens if I don't let Paste the permissions?

You won't be able to use Direct Paste and Paste Stack features, however, you can still use Paste without any limitations. Paste will copy selected items back to the clipboard so you can paste it to any applications yourself using the ⌘ CmdV system shortcut or using the system context menu.

You can always enable Direct Paste and Paste stack features in Preferences later.