Enable and use Paste Keyboard

Paste Keyboard for iPhone and iPad supercharges the default iOS keyboard to give you instant access to everything you’ve copied on any of your devices. It integrates into the iOS environment, bringing the seamless and effortless flow of Paste’s desktop experience to your mobile devices.

Paste Keyboard on iPhone

To activate Paste Keyboard, open Paste, navigate to SettingsKeyboard, tap Enable Paste Keyboard and follow the instructions.

Alternatively, you can activate Paste keyboard manually by performing the following steps:

  1. Go to System Settings scroll down or search for Paste
  2. Tap Keyboard
  3. Enable Paste and Allow Full Access

Full Access enables Paste to communicate with other apps and sync your data across your devices. Your data is never shared with anyone and stays within your device and your private iCloud.

Once the Keyboard is activated, you can access Paste while typing in any app. Simply touch and hold the globe icon and select Paste.

With Paste Keyboard, you can browse through your Clipboard History, collect and organize important data in Pinboards, and paste it to any app — just like you would on your Mac. It also allows you to drag and drop items to any application, copy items as plain text, and perform other actions using the context menu, which can be accessed through a long-tap on an item.

Paste Keyboard is optimized for use on the iPad, providing a seamless experience in both landscape and portrait modes. This ensures that you can take advantage of all of the keyboard’s features and functionality, regardless of the device you choose to use it on.

Paste Keyboard on iPad