Link previews

Link previews

Paste is great for saving all the insightful sources that you want to eventually read and reference in future work. But your list of research and inspiration can add up quickly.

To make what you’ve saved more navigable, our latest update offers more visual presentations for copied links on Mac and iOS. Whenever you copy a link, Paste generates a new beautiful thumbnail and fetches web page metadata so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Besides the thumbnails, Paste now also supports the new QuickLook previews for links, including audio and video playback and custom presentation for different formats.

Are there a few articles you always come back to? You can pin these to a pinboard and always have it just a click (or tap) away. Learn more about pinboards if you don’t use them yet.

Another small but handy addition is the ability to open links right from Paste. Right-click on a link and select “Open” or just use the Cmd+O shortcut to open it in your browser.

The latest update is already available on the Apple App Store and Setapp — go grab it now and follow @paste_app on Twitter to stay up to date!